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Photographic Wanderings

Sokol Blosser Winery

Beautiful weather at the winery. The grapes were just changing!

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Rain Chains

Finally got the wine barrels and rain chains installed to collect rainwater for the garden..  And then had to wait a week for some rain to see it in action:


Rain Chains

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This month’s PDX Lightest meetup was “Posing the model.” The twist? Your model was the ever pliable barbie. Combined with a warm sunny day, we had a lovely time in SE portland.

Newly learned facts about barbie:

  • She has wondeful hair for rim light
  • She does not actually bend like a real person, ie: at the elbows and knees.  ;)


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Holiday Half Marathon

Spent the morning cheering on some friends in the Portland Holiday Half Marathon.  Fortunately the rain held off, and other than some wind, it was quite a lovely morning.  The course went from Adidas up to St. Johns and back.

Merry Christmas!

Tree in the cliffside park:

A family brought out a parachute to play.  I always loved that part of elementary school gym class:

Go Ryan and Becky!  Always an inspiration.

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Holiday Ale Festival

Did a short shift (1.75 hr) pouring at the Holiday Ale Festival yesterday.  Fun way to interact with beer enthusiasts and earn a free admission.

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Setting up the new wordpress site to comment on random photos as they come along…

This summer we got to stay at the cabin neighboring my grandfather’s land in Wyoming…  10 miles down a 4×4 road from the nearest paved road.

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